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Holy Blazing Rotors Batman: Images of Blazing Hot Brake Rotors

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I guess you could call the Ferrari FXX in the image above something Batman would drive. Of course he would drive it like he stole it and then Robin would yell out the phrase “Holy Blazing Rotors Batman”.

While surfing the net for interesting car stuff, as I always do, I ran across a post with many images of Blazing Rotors mostly during night-time. As you can only imagine race cars and performance vehicles have a little light-show under heavy braking that is visible mostly at night coming from the brake rotors. Simple law of physics: friction adds resistance and heat hence you get glowing rotors. The idea of this post came from the car lounge. These guys have some of the most interesting posts sometimes.

Below are several images of blazing rotors from various race, sports and GT cars. Enjoy!

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