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Volkswagen to Reintroduce Phaeton Flagship Following Simplistic Formula

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Reportedly, a Volkswagen Phaeton-type vehicle is due to make a return as a 2015 or 2016 model as suggested by MotorTrend with a possible USA inclusion. According to Autoblog, the new Phaeton may share its platform with the Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Yup, that means you can be pimping in a low-cost Bentley, with a VW badge, that still offers true luxury and ample amounts of interior space.

I actually remember the last time I saw a VW Phaeton on the road. It was about 9 months ago. I am not blatantly trying to be sarcastic here, but let’s just face the music and realize that the Phaeton only had a small following. Sure, we all liked the idea of a low-cost Audi A8 and would not hesitate the opportunity to test drive one. Moreover, the execution was great and the numbers were somewhat decent on paper for Volkswagen’s flagship luxury car muddled out of the Audi A8’s image. The Phaeton was just missing an ingredient that we could not place our hands on at the time aside from shear performance.

Maybe this go-around, Volkswagen will include the missing ingredient (or ingredients) when it comes time to officially introduce a new Phaeton to the lineup. There may still be some enthusiasts who wish to drive a lesser A8, or as the reports state – a lesser Bentley Continental Flying Spur, without all of the prestige and price that comes with the premium brand.

The new VW Phaeton would obviously be placed at the pinnacle of the VW brand giving those who want a bigger and more luxurious Passat or CC without the hassle of paying a premium for that Audi badge. Surely VW will utilize parts from their Bentley and Audi bins to keep costs low ultimately using a simple formula of reintroducing a current platform.

[photos credit: Volkswagen – present generation German Phaeton]


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