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A Virtual Tour Of The Rolls-Royce Assembly Line: Video Link

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The first thing you’ll notice about Rolls-Royce’s Goodwood facility is how clean the entire operation looks. Unlike American assembly plants, many of which are dark and covered with generations of industrial grime, Goodwood looks more like a hospital operating room than an auto assembly line.

You’ll probably get the impression that “good enough” is a phrase never spoken under the roof at Goodwood, either. Whether you’re talking about paint, woodwork or leather, the fit and finish is either perfect or it’s unacceptable. Maybe we’re just buying into the whole ultra-luxury hype, but we seriously doubt you’d ever see a Rolls-Royce line worker beating on a door with a mallet to make the panels align.

While this video shows the range-topping Phantom only, you get the feeling that even the more performance-oriented (and less costly) Ghost is built with comparable care. There are still plenty of cars we’d buy before adding a Rolls to the stable (after we hit the Mega-Millions jackpot, that is), but it’s impossible to view the video without gaining a better understand of why their cars are so stratospherically expensive. As with anything else in life, the highest quality always commands the highest price.

Since Rolls-Royce doesn’t want its video embedded, you’ll have to jump over to YouTube to take the plant tour. We say it’s worth the trip.


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