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HRE Wheels Introduces New P44SC & P47SC Ultra-Light Wheels Featured on Ferrari 458 & Ford GT

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It is never much of a bad thing to start with a clean slate when it comes to modifying your car. When things become a bit of a challenge is selecting something ‘better’ when the clean slate happens to be a new Ferrari 458 Italia.

Already, the 458 Italia is a great looking exotic car. Even the stock wheels appeal to the over-all aesthetics of such a sexy Italian stallion. How do you select aftermarket wheels with the proper fitment, stunning fishing and exceptional quality? Simple, you go to the guys at HRE Wheels who have been in the business of literally ‘Racing to Win’ and offering some of the finest wheels for street vehicle applications for about 33 years.

HRE Wheels has decided to roll out their newest Monoblok ultra-lightweight wheels, the P44SC and P47SC, on the Ferrari 458 Italia and Ford GT featured below in collaboration with eGarage.

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New P44SC and P47SC

HRE Performance Wheels has added two new designs to its P40SC Monoblok Series, featuring ultra-lightweight, precision-machined spoke geometry available with a sophisticated conical face. The new Monoblok P40SC line uses the same forged alloy single block construction as the P40S, but new forging and machining processes developed by the California based luxury wheel brand allow HRE to create stronger, lighter, more aggressively styled Monoblok wheels thanks to technology born on the wind-swept hairpins of Pike’s Peak and the chicanes of America’s fastest road courses.

The new P40SC line is available as the P40SC mesh, P43SC multi-spoke, P44SC V-Five, P45SC five-spoke and P47SC split-five spoke in 19 and 20-inch sizes diameters with widths ranging from 8 to 13-inches and a wide variety of custom offsets. Every wheel starts as a single block of aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum forged in California, and after a painstaking design and engineering process, is machined into its final shape at HRE’s cutting-edge facility in San Diego. All five new Monoblok designs utilize spoke geometry that not only look fantastic, they provide the strength, rigidity and lightweight characteristics that are essential for proper performance in modern sports or supercars.

For more info contact us by phone at +1 760 598 1960 or via email [email protected].

Featuring a Ferrari 458 Italia on P47SC in Brush Tinted and a Ford GT on P44SC in Satin Bronze.


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