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Tricked-Out Chevy Volt or Opel Ampera ER-EV at Geneva Auto Show?

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Opel and GM have had alliances for some time now and many enthusiasts sometimes Like the Opel version of a popular American GM vehicle. The new Opel Ampera ER-EV is yet another “over-seas counterpart” that just plain looks better than the American GM version that it shares platforms with.

Who says you cannot have an environmentally friendly vehicle and be stylish at the same time? Lexus has the RX Hybrid and the upcoming HS 250h and those are “stylish” right? Maybe some will agree and others will not about the previous statement. Either way, the Opel Ampera ER-EV which as basically the same setup as the Chevy Volt including the 40-mile plug-in range and 300-mile total range with the 1.4L range extender engine/generator.

opel-ampera-er-ev opel-ampera-er-ev-shadow


AutoCar snapped a photo of the Vauxhall Ampera in front of the Vauxhall/Opel Headquarters in Germany last month. Below is the image captured.


Look for the Opel Ampera ER-EV to be showcased at this week’s Geneva Motor Show.

Press release via Google Translation from the German Opel site:

The star of the 79th Geneva Motor Show – Opel Ampera
Rüsselsheim. The Opel Ampera celebrating on the 79th Geneva Motor Show, a high-tension world premiere. With his pioneering Voltec-electric drive offers the Ampera just the technological innovation in order for present and future challenges in the energy and environment sector to be prepared. The vehicle is 2011 in production.

Electric vehicle with an extended range of 500 kilometers

The revolutionary Ampera Opel will be the first zero emission electric car, all the demands of the automotive everyday needs. The Fünftürer with Hatchback offers comfortable space for four passengers – including enough trunk for luggage.

The Ampera will at any time and at any speed electrically driven. Distances up to 60 kilometers, the pure electric vehicle back – with power from its lithium-ion battery, which in a normal 230-volt outlet is loaded. On longer routes also made the drive by electric motor, but by a small internal combustion engine as a generator is fed with electricity and a range of more than 500 miles possible.


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