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Riviera Name Trademarked Again by Buick: Report

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2007 Riviera Concept

General Motors’ Buick brand has kept their behind-the-scenes development of new models pretty much out of sight as they attempt to reinvent themselves. In a recent report from GM Inside News, it has been stated that GM just trademarked the Riviera name yet again.

The last time that name rung a bell was during the 2007 Shanghai Auto Show where Buick showcased a Riviera concept featuring gullwing doors and futuristic styling. The baby boomer generation remembers the Buick Riviera with a small following among new generation enthusiasts. Despite that, the Riviera name will resonate with many possibly reigniting that lust some had for Buick that really made a styling statement.

2007 Riviera Concept

The 2007 Riviera Concept vehicle used the front-wheel-drive Epsilon II platform. We really cannot speculate right now on what a new Riviera’s underpinnings would consist of. Maybe a rear-wheel-drive turbocharged-plugin-hybrid Riviera hot-rod? We won’t know until the rumor mill spins off some useful insider information. Right now all we have to go on is a trademarked name. Start drawing your own conclusions and leave them in the comment box below.


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