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Speculations Amidst: 2015 Ford Mustang Rendering Draws Skepticism

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If you are old enough, then you remember a time when your imaginary expressions reached as far as a piece of paper and pencil. Now days, thanks photoshop and other applications from the latest Adobe software suite, someone’s imagination takes on a completely new life form. As evidence, Inside Line posted the a rendering of what could resemble the next Ford Mustang.

Considering how other sources have drawn the conclusion of the 2015 Ford Mustang receiving a complete make-over to favor the new Fusion and Evos Concept, enthusiasts are not taking this news too lightly. The latest rendering, clearly not the real thing, has drawn some skepticism from die-hard Mustang enthusiasts. Some have expressed positive aspects of the design that you see here, while others carefully selected some choice 4-letter words to describe ones imaginary futuristic Mustang design.

We beg to ask our readers, what do you think of Ford heading in this “new” direction for the next Mustang?


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