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2015 Ford Mustang to become Fusion-ized With Radical Makeover

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Ford Evos Concept

Ford Evos Concept

How would a Fusion-ized Ford Mustang fair with enthusiasts? That remains to be the question of the week considering how Ford says they have plans to redesign the iconic pony car to somewhat resemble the Ford Fusion ditching its current retro-styling.

Ford Evos Concept

The Ford Mustang has not received a major redesign since they took a trip back to memory lane giving the American icon true retro styling in 2005. The latest 2013 model year refreshing may arguably be the best looking Mustang yet according to a number of die-hard enthusiasts. Unfortunately, sales numbers do not support this notion, which is one reason Ford has decided to make the 2015 Ford Mustang something “different” and appeal more to Y-generationers (those born between 1980-1999). You must understand, much older generations actually remember the original Mustang while new-comers who are now old enough to buy a new Ford Mustang do not have much of a recollection of the original stang. Therefore, the idea is to appease these generation Y-ers with a new design for them and older buyers at the same time.

Ford Evos Concept

Ford is considering a turbocharged 4-cylinder for the 2015 Mustang quite possibly giving consumers a low-cost option and more room for high-end performance variations. Obviously, there is no shortage of performance when it comes to the current generation Mustang, especially with the forthcoming of a 650 horsepower GT500.

Ford Evos Concept

As far as design cues, the 2015 Mustang could somewhat resemble an Aston Martin considering how the new Ford Fusion sedan screams Aston from its fresh front-end fascia. Representatives say though, the new Ford Mustang will retain some of its unique character with a similar front-end to that of the current generation. The Ford Evos concept could be the platform used for the next generation Mustang.

Ford Evos Concept

The Mustang has always had a soft spot in the heart of enthusiasts who would do anything to show-up their Chevy-loving friends. If the new Mustang is ‘ugly’ in the eyes of young enthusiasts, it will still attract buyers because it has always been about a perfect balance of performance and value.

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