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Top Gear-Style Race Pitts Lamborghini Avenador up against F-16 Fighting Falcon Jet: Video

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Imitation is sometimes the best form of flattery and Tog Gear knows this well as other automotive aficionados attempt to mimic the odd races put on by Jeremy Clarkson and his cronies. One particular Top Gear race, between a Veyron and Euro Fighter, gets replicated by Denmark’s Bil Magasinet involving a Lamborghini Aventador pitted against an F-16 Fighting Falcon.

The new Aventador has been the brunt of the latest news considering how Kim Kardashian supposedly purchased boyfriend Kanye West a new Aventador for his birthday costing upwards of $750K (MSRP is actually $376K). Of course a new F-16 Fighting Falcon would set you back about $3 million but produces over 27,000 pounds of thrust. With that much power, is the Aventador even a match for the F-16? Check out the video below to find out.


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