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Infographic: Why Does Insurance Drop When You’re 25?

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The long debated question of why insurance rates drop once you turn 25 years old has been summed up in a clever infographic posted by the AutoInsurance Center.

Insurance may seem like highway robbery to some, in a literal sense. To others, it is having a piece of mind in knowing that you are “protected” when an auto accident happens to you. No Pun intended. That magic age of 25 years old seems to trigger a few things such as your ability to rent a car and of course, your car insurance rates. So why does 25 matter? Why not 18 or 21 years old for that matter? In the infographic below, there seems to be several factors that all play into the game of why insurance rates become lower when you turn 25, not just one element. Of course each element could be debated but what you have is a standard adopted by all insurance companies, no matter what. What is your opinion on the magical age of 25 lowering your insurance rates?


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