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Jaguar’s New F-Type Shows Us What Fast Looks Like: Video

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Image: Jaguar

Jaguar’s upcoming F-Type roadster is the brands first attempt at building a pure sports car in decades. Designed to be as light as possible, with a ride that emphasizes handling over comfort, the F-Type will make its public debut at next month’s Paris Auto Show. When it hist the market in mid-2013, buyers will be able to choose between a pair of supercharged V-6 engines and a supercharged V-8, giving a range from 335 horsepower to around 450 horsepower or so.

All F-Types will be front-engine, rear-drive in layout, and it look likes only a paddle-shifted eight speed automatic transmission will be available (which, we think, is disappointing news). The topless variant will launch first, but rumor has it that Jaguar is also developing a hardtop version of the F-Type as a future model.

Look for Jaguar to use aluminum throughout the body and chassis to keep weight to a minimum, which promises to make the F-Type one seriously entertaining cat. We’ll bring you more on the car after Jaguar drops the details in Paris.


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