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Oddity De jour: Nissan Juke R vs. Porsche GT2 RS – Video

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As an automotive enthusiast, you have probably seen your fair share of odd matches and vehicle comparisons. An oddity that tends to show up every once in a while, is the comparison against the infamous Nissan Juke R. The Nissan Juke R is Nissan’s 4,000-pound Frankenstein creation berthed from the GT-R’s drivetrain and force-fed V6 engine. Car and Driver is the latest outlet to pit the Juke R against a red-hot item. This time that item is the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

With the 911 GT2 RS being the most powerful road-going Porsche ever built, you would think that it demolishes the Juke R from the get-go. However, you must consider how the Juke R has so far trumped king over many exotics mainly due to its remarkable GT-R-sourced drivetrain and twin-turbo V6. Hit up the Car and Driver video below of Jethro Bovingdon to see if the Juke R’s hype is enough to take down the all-mighty Porsche.


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