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TMCars Puts Neo-Retro Style Into BMW E30 3 Series with TM concept30 Modifications

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Let’s face it; there is a certain appeal that we all recognize in classic automobiles. As enthusiasts, we respect original designs and auto makers continue to pay homage to their classic design roots in today’s retro-styled vehicles. A Hungarian outfit, dubbed TMCars Design, took it upon themselves to conjure up a retro concept of their own all out of the E30 BMW 3 Series Coupe – the TM concept30. TMCars Design takes an approach that BMW could have adopted when it was time to redesign the E30 3 Series. Of course, in the era of the E30, BMW took a path to revamp the complete design headed towards a more modernized concept to birth the E36 3 Series. The folks at TMCars Design are literally turning back the hands of time and serving up a retro dish with ingredients consisting of BMW’s own neo-retro M1 Homage concept.

This one-of-a-kind customization would offer owners of E30 Coupes a chance to be different without departing too far from BMW’s classic heritage. Customers of TMCars Design’s TM concept30 modification would be given a choice between two retro designs taking the E30 Coupe’s original design to ‘old-new’ heights. Some of the original E30 Coupe’s roofline and greenhouse aspects remain the same in the modification. What is notably different, is the front shark nose sculpted back through the hood and fenders. Race-spec suspension and wider C-pillars would also accentuate the design concluding with the unique rear-end housing eccentric LED lights to mimic the front LEDs.

The images of TMCars Design TM concept30 are most certainly a change-up from the norm that speak for themselves. Some will like it, others… it may take time. Currently TMCars Design offers-up this “kit” in European countries complying to their regulations to be used on the road or track.

[source: carscoop]


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