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Jay Leno Drives The One-Off Lexus LFA Spyder: Video

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Jay Leno in the Lexus LFA Spyder at Fuji Speedway

On a recent trip to Japan, Jay Leno stopped by Toyota’s Motomachi plant to witness the Lexus LFA supercar being born. From the weaving of the carbon fiber used in the tub to the stages of final inspection, Leno got a level of detail that few of us could ever hope to see.

If the 560-horsepower, 4.8-liter V-10 used in the LFA isn’t impressive enough, consider this fact: while assembly of an LFA takes just three days from start to finish, inspection of the assembled car takes another 10 days. There are some 7,000 points that need to be certified and signed off on, meaning that no LFA leaves the factory with a single flaw.

While in Japan, Lexus also invited Leno to sample its one-of-one Lexus LFA Spyder. As the name implies, the car is a true open air design, lacking any kind of roof structure to keep the weather out. We’d guess it doesn’t offer up much rollover protection, either, which is why we’re a bit surprised that Leno was able to lap Fuji Speedway, sans helmet, at speeds over 180 mph. We’d have found a way to beg, borrow or steal a helmet first, since catching gravel off the front tire at that speed isn’t our idea of a good time.

While we’re somewhat indifferent to the LFA ourselves, we’re pretty sure that Lexus could change our minds with a tour of the factory and a chance to lap the car at Fuji Speedway, too. We’ll even bring our own helmet.


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