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Three And A Half Minutes Of Bliss From Porsche’s Targa Tasmania: Video

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Porsches at the Targa Tasmania

Our idea of the ultimate vacation is this: following a group leader who isn’t afraid to keep a spirited pace, we spend all day driving fast sports cars on scenic roads (preferably closed to the public). At night, we sleep in comfortable hotels, but only after eating really good food. In the morning, we awake, caffeinate, and repeat the process for as many days as our budget allows.

The only time we’ve even come close to this was on an Edelweiss motorcycle tour, which we’d easily rate as the best vacation we’ve ever had. These days, we prefer four wheel to two, so the thought of entering an event like Porsche’s Targa Tasmania is definitely appealing to us.

Billed as “Australia’s premier road rally,” the event stretches over seven days, including five spent driving winding ribbons of asphalt in Tasmania. Some routes include closed-road Targa Tasmania stages, giving Australian Porsche owners the chance to drive bits of the historic event. We’re sure it’s a guaranteed good time, but, sadly, we don’t own a Porsche and we don’t live in Australia.

For now, the best we can do is offer up this video of the 2012 event. Think of it as a three-and-a-half-minute Australian vacation, without the long flight.


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