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Fast and Furious Takes Home Box Office Records Over the Weekend

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This morning I wake up to the news reporting that “Fast and Furious” has shattered box office records bringing in an estimated $72.5 million over the weekend holding the number 1 movie spot. This is farfetched if you consider what critics predicted for the 4th installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise of movies.

I would actually have to admit that this may have been the best Fast and Furious movie out of the other 3 because it actually had a decent plot.

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In today’s economy when car dealerships are closing and the automotive industry seeks additional bailouts at the expense of tax payers, people seek weekend outlets that won’t get them deeper in debt. One outlet this weekend was to obviously watch Fast and Furious at the local movie theater. You may get mixed reviews from some after watching this movie but over-all it is good entertainment for the majority either way you put it.

Fast and Furious holds the best three-day opening for Universal Pictures movies ever even beating out movies from way back including “Jurassic Park” ($72.1 million). The new “Monsters vs. Aliens” even failed to keep up with the fast paced Fast and Furious movie bringing in only $59.3 million followed by “Watchmen” at $55.2 million.

Rejoining actors Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriquez had a little to do with the success where this is their best opening ever for them as actors and actresses.

Another shocker is Fast and Furious now holds the best opening for any car-themed movie beating out the movie “Cars” which brought in $60.1 million on it’s opening weekend.

What is your scoop on “Fast and Furious”? Did you go see it this weekend? Did you like it and why?


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