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Old-School Infatuations: 350Z vs. G35, Life’s Harder Choices

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A loyal reader of wanted to chime-in and send us a small article about his so-called “harder choices in life”. Reminiscing like this gets our mind off of the recession and hardship in America for at least a few minutes. Since the introduction of the new Nissan 370Z it has people thinking that their current sports or GT car is far inferior to a new, relatively inexpensive, sports car that can push 60 mph from a standstill in 4.7 seconds. Here is Cole Sliven’s short story:

350Z Vs G35, Life’s Harder Choices

I’ve been a big fan of sports cars for quite some time. Ever since the 300z came out with it’s sweet body style, dual exhaust and a twin turbo model, this car quickly become the car I could see myself driving. I remember test driving a non-turbo model about 5 years ago. Even without the turbo, this car had a fair amount of torque and the drive felt great behind the wheel. I remember the Dealer letting me take it out for a test drive without him coming along. That was kind of a mistake on his part. I took it for a cruise to an open parking lot, did a couple donuts and the drove back. I loved this car, it was a sweet ride. The price was a just outside my budget and the Dealer wouldn’t come down much so I had to take a pass on making the purchase. Since that day I have had the itch to once again take a Z car for another cruise.


Another car has made its way into the spot light; the Infiniti G35 or newer G37. Since this car came out, I have now grown uncertain of which car I’d rather be cruising. Which car would you choose? Would it be the newer 350Z or 370Z designed for performance and style. The only thing I don’t like about it is it has no backseats while the G35 does. In 2005, Infiniti bumped the power of the G35 from 260 hp to 298 hp in all Coupes and sedans with manual transmissions. The newer G37 has 330hp. The engine available in the 350Z is a 3.5-liter V6 and 370Z is a 3.7-liter. This engine cranks out 306 hp and 268 pound-feet of torque and 332hp in the 370Z so you’re getting a little bit more out of the Z than you would the G35 or G37.


Today, my personal choice between these two would be the Infiniti G35 since I could use the extra couple seats for additional passengers. If I was a single guy I may rather go with the Nissan. However the G35/G37 also has a slick design as well as a comfortable interior.

-Written by Cole Sileven, Automotive Enthusiast, reader of and Founder of Low Insurance and Security, the Web’s online resource for low car insurance online.


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