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Next Nissan GT-R Nismo Said to reach 60 mph in about 2.0 seconds

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It seems the Nissan GT-R has slightly slipped into the background when it comes to the growing mix of sports and exotic cars lately. For some enthusiasts, the GT-R remains to be king of the streets while there is undoubtedly a lot of untapped potential for Godzilla’s VR38 Twin-Turbo V6 engine, just ask the guys at performance shops like Switzer, Cobb Tuning and AMS Performance. Supposedly, an unnamed Nissan insider source at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed mentioned that ‘a new’ GT-R Nismo edition would be able to run 0-60 mph in about 2.0 seconds.

This statement, whether it has any credibility or not, will follow the natural progression of the GT-R receiving even more power in the next year’s model with an even lighter body. Do you think the GT-R would reach 60 mph in 2 seconds flat straight from the factory? We can only hope and wait.

[source: Autoexpress]


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