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Video: Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Gets Flying Car Mode – Disables Traction Control When Airborne

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“Do you even lift bro?” – That is pretty much the air of what this video is all about, pun intended. It seems Chevrolet has many things up their sleeves when it comes to laying down the best track time on the Nurburgring. Chevrolet is slowly releasing details on the ingenuity that went into the new 2014 Camaro Z/28 to help it shave seconds off of lap times, even when the vehicle is airborne.


A system called “Flying Car Mode” enables the traction control to temporarily disable when ride-height sensors detect the vehicle being airborne. For those who don’t know about traction control, it is a technology that disables the engine power transfer to the wheels when the wheels lose traction to avoid more slippage. Not all vehicles have this feature and you can check your traction control with the user’s manual. This in itself allows full throttle to be applied so when the vehicle lands it does not suffer from an negative torque or slow-down due to a conventional traction control system slowing the spin of the wheels from detecting an abrupt acceleration while off of the pavement. It is pretty ingenious if you think about it. Check out the video below for the demonstration and explanation.


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