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Video: Camaro Z/28 Aerodynamics Fine-tuned With Flowtie to Replace Restricting Bowtie

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Chevrolet has remarkably tuned the all-new Camaro Z/28 to be a marvel, which is why it can make record runs around the Nurburgring. Part of that remarkable tuning comes down to now only just the sheer power of its naturally aspirated 505-horsepower V8 engine, but engineers have replaced the traditional bowtie emblem on the front grill with a Flowtie. The new Flowtie design is a gutted or hollowed-out design with the boarder of the original Bowtie left in place.


The Flowtie design allows air to be channeled in a more direct nature to the radiator for better cooling. In tests the Flowtie design adds 3 cubic meters of air through the grill per minute. This keeps the engine coolant and oil temperatures down a full 2 degrees Fahrenheit on hard track runs when compared to having the original Bowtie up front. Talking about some serious engineering right?


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