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Video: Motor Trend Pits Nissan GT-R Against Camaro Z/28

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I know some of you have already made up your mind in your pick when it comes to the Nissan GT-R against the new Camaro Z/28. Motor Trend wants you to erase all of those preconceptions and check out this battle video below of the two masterful track-focused vehicles duking it out. Obviously Godzilla will take home the win for straight line performance against the Z/28. On the other end of the spectrum, the folks at Chevrolet will explain to you that straight line fun is not the resolve of the Z/28, take it to a track and you will then find out its real purpose. And that my friend, is just what Motor Trend did, at the helm of Randy Pobst they take the Japanese Missile and American Howitzer Walk for a little stroll. Hit up the videos below – sit back and enjoy!


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