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Motor Trend J-Turn Host Jessi Lang Shares Her Life-Threatening Autobahn Accident and Recovery Story

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Life is truly a gift and we should cherish each day given to us no matter whatever opposition we may face in our personal lives. One person who is taking a new approach to life is Jessi Lang, who went through a horrific life-threatening Autobahn accident but lived through the nightmare to tell her story.

Many of you already know Jessi Lang as Motor Trend’s J-Turn video series host and an avid car enthusiast. In a trip to Germany about a year ago, Lang was excited to get behind the wheel of a 600-plus-horsepower ABT-tuned Audi R8 GTR bringing along one of ABT’s engineers in the passenger seat. Setting out on the German Autobahn during the last mile stretch, the unfortunate happened where a driver moved into their ‘fast lane’ going about a 3rd of the ABT R8 GTR prototype’s speed and there was nowhere to go. Jessi Lang at the helm the vehicle was careened by the careless driver’s vehicle seriously injuring Lang. The crash set forth many events where Lang was hospitalized and went through excruciating events on her long path to recovery.


The multi-layered story is haunting, something that can happen to any one of us, as Lang explains in her own words in the video below. In this unfortunate reality, we are fortunate that she is here to share her story. Keep on moving Jessi!


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