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Formula 1 One-Minute Pit Stops in 1950 Versus Today’s 3-Second Wonders: Video

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There really is nothing like a good Formula 1 race. The history of F1 has taught us car enthusiasts a lot, even in the scope of life itself and what our human nature and know-how can accomplish on this green earth. F1 vehicles are some of the most technologically advanced and complex machines that we know of next to the rockets that SpaceX and NASA tinker with. Not only is an F1 race chalk full of fine lines that send drivers, crew and fans on the edge in more ways than one every second of the way.

One thing that clearly demonstrates how far along we have come in automotive technology and our ability to apply new innovations finely sculpted with razor blades, rubber and carbon fiber, is the F1 pit stop. To contrast such an event, one that can make or break the next championship driver’s winning streak, we take it nearly 65 years back to a time where a pit stop took just over a full minute. Now in today’s F1 races, some pits take a stunningly quick 2.7 seconds and sometimes faster. No doubt that times have changed and the video below is just a glimpse of what took place in 1950 and the contrast of today’s F1 pits. F1 races are a collective effort where a 3-second pit stop can be the determining factor of a races outcome. That’s the new fine line that we play with. Cheers to those pit crewmen!


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