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Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat vs F16 Fighter Jet: Video

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America is just awesome. There is simply no denying that. With the current automotive horsepower wars shifting into overdrive, we pay tribute to a new automotive golden age where manufacturers aren’t the least bit shy about unleashing horsepower numbers never thought of to roll off the assembly line.

An evident force of our automotive golden age is the all-new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat packing 707 horsepower. What do you do with all of that power? You race it against an F16 fighter jet. As many of you US Military buffs know, the F16 is amazing marvel that has stood the test of time both as a front line of defense dating back to the 1970s in our prided Air Force, yet it still remains in service today incorporating today’s advanced technology and a price tag of nearly $20 million.

The weather conditions could not be worst, Miami’s Homestead Air Force Base was drenched with rain leading up to the race with Road & Track’s Editor-in-Chief Larry Webster at the helm of the Challenger Hellcat, Alex Roy in the passenger seat and Captain Scott Morris piloting the F16. Fortunately, we pretty much know in theory what would happen with such a race during dry conditions. On the flip side, the day gave away to an amazing show not too far away, the 7th annual Rides n’ Smiles, where a group of volunteers put on a spectacle inviting more than 150 cancer patients from local Children’s Hospitals with the help of SAMA members and race legend Bill Adam. The children get to experience rides around Homestead-Miami Speedway bringing a grand smile on their faces that you cannot put a price on. Be sure to view the Rides n’ Smiles coverage we posted here.


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