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McLaren 12C Meets Demise In Orange Park, FL Transport Trailer Train Wreck

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Image source: [email protected] The Florida Times-Union


Today is not a good day as our $240K McLaren 12C won’t be delivered to us on time. In fact, we won’t even get to enjoy its 600-plus horsepower at all because Dimmitt Automotive Group’s trailer bottomed out on a set of tracks at the wrong time allowing a freight train plow into it.


Image source: [email protected] The Florida Times-Union


The driver of the trailer “freaked out” as reports claim, hearing the train horn as it approached the relatively “stuck” trailer hauling the McLaren 12C. That road sign indicating that trailers may bottom-out is there for a reason. Though, the driver may not have seen the sign.


Image source: [email protected] The Florida Times-Union


Looks as if everyone is okay, which is the main thing. Unfortunately, the McLaren, which isn’t really ours, didn’t fair too well. I’m sure the “customer” and the insurance company is going to have a field day with this one.

[reporting source: The Florida Times-Union]

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