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Pennzoil Synthetic Oil Gets Hellacious With Dodge Challenger Hellcat: Airlift Drift Video

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Oil companies have always pimped the idea of their brand giving cars additional performance but never really showing us the numbers, at least numbers that most of us understand. Though, I do agree some grades of oils do help in the performance area mostly for preventing wear, which will eventually help retain top-tier performance. A way for Pennzoil to showcase their latest synthetic motor oil’s performance at a “whole new level,” they give us a smoky action-packed video of a Pennzoil-yellow Dodge Challenger Hellcat with Rhys Millen at the helm tearing up the streets with epic drifts and a platform elevated by helicopters. You have to see this one for yourself. Enjoy!

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How they made this “real” video… behind-the-scenes look at how “Airlift Drift” was filmed and the thinking behind creating content outside of the traditional motor oil mold.

Pennzoil was not only used under the hood of the Hellcat, but portions of the mini-film were actually shot through PurePlus base oil to demonstrate its crystal clear purity. The results are pretty amazing and highlight the innovation of creating synthetics from natural gas. The 99.5% pure base oil is formulated from natural gas and leads to the better performance in every bottle of Pennzoil synthetics. See below for additional background on PurePlus Base Oil.



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