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Electric Oomph: Dodge EV Takes On Performance – Video

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The Chrysler Corp.’s answer to the oil consumption issues that spark conversations around America is the new Dodge EV (Electric Vehicle). The new Dodge EV is a derivative of the Lotus Europa. The Dodge EV uses a 268hp electric motor powered by lithium batteries. With this configuration it is said to have a range of 150 to 200 miles and make it from 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds. To charge the batteries it will require a full 4-hour charge from a 220 volt outlet or 8 hours from a standard 110 volt outlet. This is a full electric car comparable to the Tesla Roadster.

Video, images and more info after the jump…

The stunning thing about these new electric powered vehicles is the excellent performance that you get out of the box. Electric motors by nature have instant torque which equates to instant acceleration with no delay as you would get in a vehicle with an internal combustion engine matted to a transmission. We could not help but to post a video of the new Dodge EV taking on its brute big brother, the new Dodge Challenger SRT8. They should have another battle maybe to 100mph… that would be even more exciting don’t you think?



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