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The Story of Lamborghini: Tonino Lamborghini tells the story of his father Ferruccio – Video

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Automotive history is like that five-pound book that you never finished but have always been curious enough to pick it up every blue moon. Calling automotive history intriguing is nearly an understatement. The nearly countless brands and models that have come to fruition are alone enough to give a NASA engineer a migraine. To put a sliver of Automotive history into perspective for those who are tuned into the sports car and exotic vernacular, we are sharing this exclusive video of Tonino Lamborghini telling a story of his father, the father of Lamborghini, Ferruccio Lamborghini.


The story below, not to give away a few of its Italian surprises, goes into detail from tractors to cars with incidents like a particular argument with Enzo Ferrari and the stability of certain Lamborghini chassis. It’s all a remarkable anecdote. Enjoy!

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