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How to Video: Heel & Toe Downshifting Still Proves its Relevance for Manual Transmission Enthusiasts

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While we will vehemently admit that the art of heel & toe downshifting is going to way of the dinosaurs with the slow demise of manual transmissions, the technique is still a necessary evil when it comes to properly tracking or mastering a vehicle that you must row your own gears. The growing popularity of dual-clutch and automated manual gear boxes with flappy paddles, for the most part, doesn’t require any heel & toe action. Most of these “automated” transmissions will blip the throttle for you upon a downshift to precisely rev-match, in addition to some modern-day manual transmissions performing a down-shift throttle blip upon your gear selection. Those inclined to do a little manual foot action and shifting on their own gears in a manual fashion respect the skill and art that heel & toe downshifting -as it is no easy feat for most folks.


The video below is a quick rundown on how you can master a dying skill, one that permits track junkies with full manual transmissions to keep up with their automated-millisecond-shifting brethren. Hopefully this skill is something that we will get to pass down to the next few generations – if manufactures see the value of keeping us enthusiasts appeased with manual transmissions. That’s a whole other conversation for another day. Enjoy and learn!


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