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Super Sized Speculations & Expectations: 2011 Hyundai Sonata

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2011 Hyundai Sonata Rendering

In a week’s time, Hyundai will be officially introducing the world to its latest iteration of the Sonata.  If the success of the Genesis (Hyundai’s larger coupe/sedan), both in sales and drive-ability is any indication, we have a lot to be excited about.  The good news for us, and certainly a headache for Hyundai, photographs of this big release have been leaked for the world to drool over.

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Hyundai is making big moves in the auto industry, causing the management of Honda and Toyota to increase their stock of antiperspirants.  A press release by Hyundai North America, issued on the second, listed August’s sales at just over 60,000 units, which is an increase of 47% from August 2008, and 33% from the previous month.  Which is miraculous numbers considering the financial hardships many of us are facing.  With America’s best warranty (10 year 100k miles), innovative design and finish, a vehicle return program, and Gas Lock price protection, Hyundai is becoming a formidable opponent for companies that have been sitting comfortably atop the sales charts.  They have managed to move their line-up from cars people were forced to buy due to budgetary restraints, to cars people actually want to purchase.  If you do not realize how hard a task that is to do, send an inquiry to Kia, they will tell you all about it.  To see how well Hyundai’s fit and finish is, schedule a test drive and see for yourself.

Check back with us, for as soon as the official specifications and media are released we will have you updated with the information you need.  In the mean time, drool over the teaser photos and practice saying the Hyundai name, as it is soon to be the topic of many a car discussion.


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