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Private Unveiling in Molsheim Reveals New Bugatti Galibier

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All of this time we have seen several renderings and heard of the many speculations about Bugatti building a 4-door Veyron and now, it has become a reality. The 4-door Bugatti will not be called a Veyron but rather called the Bugatti 16C Galibier. Just before the opening of the Frankfurt Motor Show this week, we get to witness what a “4-door Veyron” would actually look like. YAY!

The Bugatti Galibier was unveiled at a private event for past Bugatti customers in Molsheim, France. Powering the new Bugatti Galibier concept is a front-mounted version of the same W16 turbocharged engine that is found in the Veyron. We are not sure if it will produce 1001hp but this 4-door sedan is said to reach speeds of 217mph and have the ability to run on ethanol.

Think of it as a French Maybach on steroids that costs 5 times more than normal. I can’t wait to see this thing in action!

[source: Net Car Show]


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