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What Can you Expect from the New Hyundai Santa Fe SUV?

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Hyundai has finally revealed the first images of its new Santa Fe SUV — a vehicle that has connected with buyers after an affordable, sturdy, comfortable vehicle that suits an active family lifestyle. The unveiling took place just days after Hyundai teased audiences with a teaser showing off the new vehicle, which is the fourth-generation Santa Fe. Not only does this vehicle boast a brand new look, but it also boasts technical upgrades in the interior and on the exterior, upping its appeal to a more connected and tech savvy audience.

A New look for the Santa Fe

The Santa Fe makes a unique statement in terms of looks combining a wide grill with sexy angular and curved indentions on the frame and T-shaped daytime running lights that add a sporty touch to the equation. These lights are actually integrated into the grill but cut through it to create unique shapes at each corner when turned on. The graceful curves of the bodywork contrast with the sporty grill, making for an eye-catching combination that is bound to appeal to design buffs. SangYup Lee, Senior Vice President and head of Global Design Center, told the press that their aim was to include premium features and appealing visuals to the new vehicle. He stated, “The bold lines that extend from one side to the other and from front to back give Santa Fe a rugged yet refined look that SUV customers want.”

New Terrain Mode Selector

For the first time in its history, the Santa Fe comes with a Terrain Mode Selector: a knob located in the central console that allows drivers to switch between different modes depending on the surface they are driving on. Thus, there are different modes for sand, snow, mud, and more. There is also an automatic mode that allows the car to recognize the driving style and adapt to different surfaces. Of course, drivers can also opt for tires with greater traction if they will be driving on dirt roads. Popular budget tires negotiate city roads well but for snow and more challenging conditions, treadwear and traction should be prioritized. This can be achieved without sacrificing comfort or paying a hefty price, since the Santa Fe is adaptable to different budget tire models.

Spacious Interiors

The new Santa Fe is more spacious than the previous version and its components bear a softer finishing. A central console has intuitive features that free up space in the lower dashboard. The screen boasts a 10.25-inch touchscreen with audio, video, and navigation features. It also has preloaded maps in its GPS system, a rear camera display, connectivity, and in-car entertainment features.

The new Santa Fe promises the reliability and comfort of older models, taking the design up a notch or two. The exterior is more sensual and sleek, while the interiors are more spacious than previous models. Features such as the Terrain Mode selector and a central console make for greater convenience and a safer, more laidback driving experience.


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