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New Car Industry Innovations

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Since the invention of the first car in 1886, there have been groundbreaking innovations that have influenced how the modern auto industry looks like. Today, one of the leading shapers of the car industry is technology. Technological advancements such as big data, artificial intelligence, and analytics have seen new trends in the automobile emerge. Here is a look at some of these innovations.

Inter-Car Communication and AR Dashboard Displays

Today, cars are already connected to the World Wide Web. Soon, these connected cars will have the ability to communicate with each other, thereby improving our driving experience. Communication between cars can help to prevent collision with accuracy that human error has never let us achieve before. Cars will be able to foresee an accident and inform the driver to avoid any catastrophe.

People should be prepared to improve their driving experience by augmented reality dashboards. Providing your dashboards with video-game designs, AR provides you with the necessary information to understand the car better. Additionally, it’ll provide you with information about the road and how best to avoid accidents. Nowadays, you can sell vehicles online, so sell Range Rover vehicle online if you have one.

Self-Driving Cars

Another top innovation in the car industry is self-driving cars. The concept once seemed like it’s from the future. Today, technology has been developed and tested by top automotive industries like Audi. Like the idea used for intercommunication cars, self-driving cars are designed to minimize human error on the road. This will result more safely and conveniently to travel.

The google self-driving car project was launched in 2009 and has since been rebranded as Waymo. When you order for a Waymo via an app, a self-driving car will come to pick you and take you to wherever you want to go. Embracing self-driving cars is like taking a leap of faith, but self-driving cars will soon become common on the roads.

Automated Parking System and 3D gesture technology

If you’re a nervous parker, then you’ll find this innovation incredible. Today, we have Parktronic systems that let cars find available parking spaces and navigate to them. However, with the concept of automated parking systems, the future looks favorable for drivers who hate parking. This system allows drivers to drop from their cars, and the car will find its own parking space.

Another incredible innovation in the car industry is 3D gesture technology. Who could believe that you can control your car by simply waving your hand? Soon, you will be able to control all the components of your car with mere gestures. This kind of tech is designed to make driving easier and comfortable. The automotive industry is innovating at a fast pace.

Global Positioning System Car Tracking

A GPS tracking system updates a vehicle’s location at regular intervals. The system can be helpful to parents/guardians who want to be sure of their teenager’s whereabouts for safety concerns. In case of a theft, you can quickly locate your car position if you have installed GPS. Innovations such as LiveViewGPS are convenient devices for companies that want to track fleet vehicles.

This is where advanced driver assistance systems come in; smart technologies like forward collision warning, blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking are making vehicles much easier for drivers to operate and reducing the chances of commercial vehicle accidents. GPS tracking and fleet management devices improve safety standards for commercial drivers through proactive maintenance alerts designed to address vehicle wear and tear before it poses a problem on the road.


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