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What to Think About When Changing to an Electric Car

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In this eco-friendlier future, there are constant pushes for consumers to drop their diesel or gas cars in favor of something more eco-friendly. Many governments are seriously starting the process of phasing out gas-driven cars in favor of their electric counterparts. While the change isn’t happening yet, it is starting.

So, if you’re keen to get a head start on this new way of driving, you might already be looking to see what types of electric cars are out there. However, this may have raised a few questions such as is it worth it, how far can your car travel, and where and how will you top it up? Read on to find out!

Are electric cars the transport of the future?

A major question that will, no doubt, be hanging over your head is whether buying an electric car is the way forward. There are strong moves towards this type of vehicle, but will it actually stick, or will we fall back to our old gas-driven ways? Well, the number of electric cars is growing.

Ten years ago, only 1% of cars were electric, now it’s 5% and growing. Sales in other car types such as diesel are diminishing and, as we mentioned, governments are starting up schemes to ensure you make the switch. But little things still matter when purchasing such as finding the best tires St Louis has to offer, and where to charge it when you’re on the road.

Charging your electric car

As a starting point, being able to charge your car is still an issue. Charging points are still not mainstream enough in some areas meaning you could drive and then get stuck, unable to get home. Batteries usually last 100 miles compared to gas which can go 300. However, we’re used to charging everything these days, so it’s easy to work in a routine.

There’s a long road ahead

Another thing to consider is the distance your car can travel. The range is one of the all-important words in electric car travel. When choosing which electric car to get, take a look at its range. Cars are growing in the distance they can travel, so choose one that meets your travel needs.

Can you charge from home?

As we mentioned, charging your car from home is the perfect way to start the day with an accessible car. The ability to charge from home makes life a whole lot better. It’s cheaper than at charging points and more efficient. There are also specific attachments you can get to make the process easier.

Benefits of owning an electric car

If you’re environmentally conscious, you will likely have considered the impact your current gas car will be having. By buying an electric car, you will also be contributing to saving the planet. There are no emissions which is a huge health benefit, and on top of that, these cars are silent – no noise pollution either!


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