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Moving Abroad with A Car: What Should You Sort?

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  • You need to have a clear plan when moving abroad with your car.
  • Look for all the necessary documents you might need.

When moving abroad, one of the most challenging tasks is figuring out how to transport your car. There are many questions you can ask yourself in such situations, such as how will the vehicle be physically transported? You will also figure out the cost of transportation and what documents will be required. Even though it can be costly, you need to have a clear working plan.

Experts recommend that for a successful moving process, you need to be well organized and follow all the laid guidelines. To start with, you should use a trustworthy international shipper. Today, there exist many shipping companies that specialize in international vehicle relocation. Usually, the cost of shipping a car abroad depends on the distance traveled. Other aspects, like the size of the car, are considered.

Get a Trusted Shipper

When you get a trusted shipper, you can be sure that your car will arrive safely. Other than the size and distance, the cost of shipping insurance is also used to determine the total fee. Legal requirements vary depending on the country, but mostly, they ask for a clearance certificate. The car must meet all the environmental and safety regulations of the destination country.

If you are having challenges undertaking this process, professional relocation consultants like Acertus will assist you in filling out the necessary paperwork. It shouldn’t be difficult to get a relocation consultant, search the internet, and you will get one in your area. Ensure that everything is filled and documented before submitting.

Fill Out the Paperwork

Obtaining the relevant paperwork to relocate your car abroad can be very challenging and daunting. This gets even more complicated when the shipper needs different documents from what the destination country demands. Basically, most relocation companies ask for copies of shipper export declaration as well as a dangerous goods declaration.

  • You need to give details about your vehicle.
  • Provide your license information and its expiration date.

Checking and Documentation

When shipping your car, remember that you will have to insure and register your car upon arrival. It is also important to note that the process of registration varies from country to country. You, therefore, have to research the registration process of the country you are moving to. Know the documents you will need and keep them ready.

  • Check your license and other necessary documents.
  • Ensure that everything is in check before leaving.

Purchase Shipping Insurance

There are chances that your current car insurance policies cover international transport. So, before anything else, check with your carrier and confirm it. If the policy doesn’t cover transportation, you need to get another shipping insurance policy. This is mostly about 2.5 % of your vehicle’s value. It can be purchased from any insurance company.

Get the Car Ready

After every other legal requirement has been met, you need to get your car ready. Do so by thoroughly washing your car before transporting it. Ensure you remove dirt of any kind. This is important because many countries have laws that demand imported cars to be free of foreign soil to prevent pests. Nonetheless, you need to clean out every loose item from your car.

Do a Final Inspection

Before you embark on the journey, you need to have a final, thorough inspection of the car. Upon arrival, keep in mind that you still owe taxes, duties, or tariffs that will be calculated depending on the vehicle’s engine size and value. For your information, when you do everything correctly, moving your car abroad isn’t as complicated as you think!


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