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What Should I Do After A Motorcycle Accident?

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If you are like plenty of motorcycle enthusiasts, you cannot wait for the nice weather to hit to start riding your bike everywhere. Where you don’t want to be similar to any other motorcycle rider is in getting into an accident. However, you do know that joy rides are often dangerous if the number of yearly motorcycle accidents is anything to go by. And even though you never plan to be involved in an accident, they always happen when you least expect them. That is why it pays to be prepared and know what you need to do after a motorcycle accident.

Your Health is Your First Priority

Depending on your injuries, you may find yourself being transported by ambulance to the nearest emergency room. Or you may be able to remain at the scene and get your injuries checked out later. In any case, it is important to get medical attention for your injuries and follow all treatments. Even if you are not sure if you were injured, go see a doctor and confirm that there is no internal damage.

Call the Police

In all accidents, it is important to have the police come and issue a report. There is no need for you to explain to them what happened. They know how to do their job, and the report will contain information on who might be responsible for the accident. Limit yourself to giving them short answers and then get a copy of the police report.

Exchange Information with The Other Driver

Get the other driver’s information, including their driver’s license, phone number, and insurance info. Also, write down the car’s make and model and its license plate.

Collect Evidence at The Scene

Any photographic evidence you gather at the scene will prove to be more reliable than a handwritten report. By taking pictures of the vehicles from every angle as well as of anything that might have contributed to the accident, such as road signs, low-hanging tree branches, or any other factor that you consider important, you will have valuable evidence to support your insurance claim.

If there are any eyewitnesses, talk to them and get their testimonies and their personal information. They may be a valuable ally should your case end up in court.

Call Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company needs to be informed of the accident as soon as possible. Give them a call even if you are not at fault for the accident. You want to avoid future problems because you failed to report the accident. If the other driver is at fault, your insurance company will get in touch with theirs. And if you do not have motorcycle insurance, it will be up to you to reach out to the other driver’s insurance.

Get a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you have extensive injuries and have been focusing on your health and unable to go back to work, getting a motorcycle accident attorney may be just what you need. Your lawyer will listen to your account of the accident, conduct a thorough investigation, and prepare a strong case on your behalf. There is no need for you to feel overwhelmed by the accident and its aftermath while you watch all those medical bills pile up.


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