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Protecting your Ride, Benefits of a Car Alarm System

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Has your vehicle ever been broken into?

Having this done to you is a horrible feeling. Some cry, others have the overwhelming feeling of wanting to get even. When I was 17 I had my first break in. The Toyota Celica was my first semi-sports car. While visiting a friend one day, someone tried to pop the trunk and steal my subwoofer but was ran off before he had the chance to make off with it. You think I would of installed an alarm after that but at that time I didn’t have the funds. My second break in occurred when I was 20. I was driving a Turbo Charged Eagle Talon with some goodies under the hood as well as a system in the trunk. This is where I wish I had an alarm system installed. I think it happened around 3:00 am. The thief first broke my back-side window and then my drivers side window to get in. After this he ripped the CD player out and popped the trunk for the rest. This night resulted in over 500 worth of damage and about $800 in audio equipment. All of this could of probably been avoided with a simple alarm system installed.

Have you considered protecting your vehicle with an alarm system?

There are many benefits to having an alarm system installed on your vehicle. One of the first benefits you may see is a reduction in your auto insurance premium. You are actively showing the insurance company that you have an higher than average insurable interest in your property. You are also reducing the risk of your vehicle being damaged due to vandalism or stolen. Some criminals do not get intimidated by a car with an alarm system installed, however, most will choose to move on to the next car once they find stealing your vehicle is going to take a little more attention to detail. – You can even lower the chance significantly of your car getting stolen by having a wheel lock installed in places where you are not too comfortable parking it. They are very portable and can fit in your trunk. See the list on GrandPrixTimes if you are interested.

The installation is a little more involved than a standard car stereo or subwoofer installation. Most shops will install a standard alarm for about $100 + cost of the alarm itself. Sometimes, if not intimidated by craigslist, you can find an installer or even a young auto enthusiast who will do it for about $30. It’s important that they know what they are doing though.

One of the main components of an alarm system if the electronic shock sensor. This piece must be installed in a secure area, some install this piece on the inside of their passenger side door. You can also turn up and down the sensitivity of the shock sensor so you wont have too many false alarms. Your alarms sensitivity may be too high if it goes off every time a car with a speaker system drives by.

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