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What Types of Vehicles Use Amber Lights

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Amber lights are a must-have tool for first responders and professionals in a variety of industries. They’re robust, powerful, bright, and add visibility to approaching motorists which makes them extremely effective at conveying the presence of emergencies, and potentially dangerous highway conditions. Some people use amber lights for voluntary tasks but they’re mostly used for professional purposes.

If you’re considering outfitting your vehicle with high-quality and dependable lights, we’re here to give you a little scoop on what types of vehicles use these lights.

Types of amber lights

First things first, before you consider choosing quality lights, you should know what types of amber lights exist on the market. They come in different designs and can be placed on vehicles of any size. Some of the most common include marker lights, light bars, and beacons.

The amber light bar is commonly used on police cars, but it can be used for other purposes as well. They’re elongated bars that come in multiple sizes, provide a superior multicolor warning, and are designed to keep the person safe on the road.

Amber marker lights also known as clearance lights are small, single-bulb, and evenly spaced across the top of a vehicle. They’re common on trailers because they indicate their full size when being pulled.

Beacons are single round lights placed on top of a car and usually come with multiple patterns. They’re often used in security, construction, and pilot vehicles.

Vehicles that use amber lights

Amber lights serve two main functions: awareness and visibility. Different states have different laws regarding the use of these lights but the majority of them encourage the use of amber lights on vehicles involved in roadside work or assistance. These are the types of vehicles that use amber lights:

Construction vehicles

Work zone and construction vehicles require heavy-duty, and dependable LED amber lights keeping the personnel and approaching motorists safe. Fatigued workers, poor visibility, and inattentive driving can lead to fatalities or serious injuries. These lights help provide extra visibility for these vehicles as most of them are commonly active at night, and in extreme weather conditions. These types of vehicles include road rollers, pickup trucks, bulldozers, etc.

Utility vehicles

Many professional utility vehicles choose to install amber warning lights to differentiate from standard vehicles, and often use the same light bar as wrecker trucks. These types of vehicles need to be outfitted with amber lights such as mini light bars, hide-aways, and grille lights. They’re extremely durable, reliable, and can withstand tough and demanding work, and they offer an effective warning solution in different environments.

Maintenance vehicles

Vehicles that move at slow speed like snowplows and road gritters, can benefit from amber lights by making other road users aware they’re traveling particularly slowly. Sweepers, spreaders, and other winter service vehicles need to be equipped with bright and powerful LED amber lights that can pierce through fog, whiteouts, and snowfall. These lights improve visibility and safety for everyone on the road.

Auto-repair vehicles

Vehicles like tow trucks, AAA vehicles, and such, operate in high-traffic areas where visibility can be extremely low and sometimes resulting in tow truck-related accidents. They often need to stop at the side of the road to assist a broken-down vehicle, and amber lights can help increase their visibility to other road users. Lights can warn the surrounding traffic members to slow down and approach the scene with caution.

Security vehicles

Amber lights help security vehicles increase visibility and make other road users pay extra attention to the road. Private and public security vehicles are usually equipped with amber lights like full-size light bars, beacons, and grille lights to respond to suspicious behavior, thwart trespassers, and keep the private property safe. Security vehicles can be an effective crime deterrent by maintaining a strong and visible presence.

School buses

School buses that have amber lights can provide a clear signal to other vehicles when loading or unloading children, urging them to stay alert and stop. Some states provide school buses that are equipped with an eight-way warning system. For example, flashing red lights require other vehicles to come to a complete stop until the bus resumes, and amber lights warn drivers that a school bus will soon stop.

Amber vehicle lights are an excellent visual warning tool for a variety of vehicles. In addition to being used for different types of vehicles, they can be found in airports, outdoor factories, and other fields where a high amount of visibility and safety is necessary. They’re the most popular types of emergency lighting since they provide safety, awareness, and increase visibility.


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