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How Leasing Fuels Your Motoring Addiction

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The growth in leasing isn’t slowing down, with more consumers opting for a lease over a loan than they did only a few years ago. Choosing between buying and leasing a car is a difficult decision. Buying entails more outstanding monthly payments, but you have your asset. Meanwhile, a lease provides lower monthly payments and allows you to drive a more expensive vehicle.

Leasing is a long-term rental agreement for a specified time. Unlike financing a car that you will eventually buy, leasing is similar to long-term renting. You’re still committed to the contract for a set number of months and a set monthly payment. You are, however, paying for the car’s expected lost worth throughout the duration of the lease rather than paying off a loan and establishing equity.

Leasing vs. Buying Cars

When you lease a car, you’re simply borrowing it for a specific duration of months from the dealer. This lasts for 36 or 48 months in a lot of cases. You can return the car to the dealer after your lease period or purchase it for a pre-determined fee specified in the lease contract. Buying a car means paying a hefty amount to own it, which is not ideal for everyone.

Advantages of Leasing

Leasing, in general, appears to be a better option than owning. Your monthly payments are usually cheaper because you are not repaying any principal. Here is a list of advantages you can get from leasing to fuel your motoring addiction. It is a less expensive option than other types of financing, making cars that were previously out of reach more accessible.

Monthly Payments That Are Lower

If you’re worried about your monthly expenses, a lease can help. In most cases, the monthly payment is significantly lower than a car loan. Some folks even choose a more luxury vehicle than they might otherwise afford.

Getting the Most Out of Your Tax Deductions

A lease will usually provide you with more tax benefits than a loan if you use your car for work. Because the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) permits you to deduct both depreciation and

financing charges as part of each monthly payment, you can save money. If you lease a fancy vehicle, the amount you can deduct may be limited.

Maintenance System Free of Stress

Many new cars come with at least a three-year warranty. As a result, most of the repairs should be attained. Leasing arrangements almost minimize the risk of a considerable, unexpected expense.

Every Few Years, You Have a New Car

There’s nothing quite like driving a new car for many people. If you’re one of them, leasing could be a good option. You can return the vehicle whenever the lease is out in a few years and acquire a new one.

Reselling is Not a Concern

If you hate bargaining, all you have to do is return the vehicle in leasing. You only have to worry about paying any lease termination costs, such as those for excessive wear or miles on the car.

You Can Still Buy the Car

You can buy the vehicle when you still like it at the end of the lease. The leasing company may have made a mistake because they miscalculated the car cost at the end of the lease (the residual value or residual). 

Future Value Will Not Affect You

The car’s value after the lease will not affect your overall finances. It’s an assurance that your financial management will not suffer from leasing a vehicle.


Leasing is a hassle-free experience. The pressures and hardships associated with selling a used car might be overwhelming and taxing, especially for your financial management. With a Vantage Leasing contract, you will be able to hand back over the vehicle after the lease without any bother or the considerable financial loss of selling a pre-loved car.

If you’re wondering if a car lease can be extended, the answer is yes. The majority of leaseholders will willingly continue the rent on a month-to-month or fixed basis. You must continue to make the monthly payment. In the event of a prolonged renewal, you may be required to sign a new contract.

Several individuals lease cars to deduct expensive costs. If the lowest monthly cost is all that matters to you, leasing is the best option. If you love motoring so much and do not wish to spend and sacrifice a considerable part of your income, this is the most suitable thing for you.


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