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How to Stay Safe During a Long Road Trip This Summer

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Are you planning to go on a road trip by yourself or with family members or friends? With the summer season fast approaching, you might not be the only one hitting the road. The roads become less safe during this time of the year. Experts cite a few reasons including increased driver fatigue and the fact that there are more drivers on the road.

It’s important to keep safety in mind as you prepare for a long road trip this summer. Doing the right improvements and having the right attitude can help you steer clear of the dangers that lie ahead. Here are a few things you should do for a safer road trip this season: 

  1. Have your vehicle serviced

When was the last time you took your vehicle to the mechanic? Considering the distances you will cover, it’s important to know that your car is in the best possible condition. Check the fluid levels and determine if there’s a need for an oil change. You should also check if you need to replace your tires and seal any cracks on your windshield. Lastly, since you are driving in hot weather, you may need to test and clean your A/C system. Make sure it’s performing properly so it helps prevent heat exhaustion.

  1. Survey your route

Once you have checked the condition of your vehicle, you may want to choose a route that will take you to your destination safely. Take note of any road closures due to construction and maintenance works and identify any detours you can take. In addition, you should also identify the best time when there is high congestion so you can take alternative routes and avoid heavy traffic. Make sure to mark potential stopovers as well in case you need to spend the night, replenish supplies, and dine in. Carefully planning out your trip helps you save time and avoid potential accidents.

  1. Brush up on defensive driving

No amount of preparation can protect you from reckless drivers. Your best bet is to drive defensively. Keep your distance from other drivers and reduce the number of lane changes you make. Maintain a safe speed, be aware of your blind spots, and stay focused, especially if you are driving on the interstate alongside large trucks and motorcycles.  If ever you were involved in an accident in which you are not at fault, seek help immediately and file a claim against the other party. In case you are in Pennsylvania, you can call Pittsburgh car accident lawyers Chaffin Luhana LLP to help you get properly compensated.

  1. Bring essential items

Regardless of your destination for your road trip, you need to be equipped with the tools that will get you out of any difficult situation. Apart from a first-aid kit, you should also bring along a repair kit, a portable power bank, as well as jumper cables. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also recommends packing non-perishable food, emergency blankets, and windshield washing fluid. Lastly, make sure you bring plenty of drinkable water so you will stay hydrated throughout the trip.

Don’t let the excitement of a summer road trip overshadow the need to stay safe. So, apply these tips for an accident-free journey.


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