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Cadillac Celestiq EV Poised To Be The Ultimate $300,000 Caddy

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cadillac celestiq

Information about Cadillac’s upcoming flagship electric vehicle (EV) has slowly been leaking out. Probably the most highlighted aspect of the Cadillac Celestiq EV, which is claimed to make a “show car” debut this month, is the rumored price for the 4-seater ultra-luxury large sedan to be around $300.000. With such a price, there’s sure to be a lot to offer in the ultimate Cadillac EV.

Cadillac has released a few more teasers of the Celestiq EV but from the looks of these “show car” images the vehicle is in concept guise, but we could very well see a good percentage of the concept in a production version. The unique low-slung fastback concept is certainly unique with a clear aim at Bentley and Rolls-Royce considering such a price point and promises to bring the heavy-hitting luxury goods.

cadillac celestiq seats rear

Cadillac has confirmed that production will be limited to just 500 units with 1.2 vehicles built each day. If you want one, you better start talking to some General Motors heads, now.

cadillac celestiq rear seats

The interior of the Celestiq EV is probably the most show car or concept car form of what we see here where we are certain that many things will be different once it reaches production form. However, most of what we see will be a direct inspiration for luxurious appointments from fine handcrafted materials and no shortage of entertainment touchscreens.

cadillac celestiq seat controls

The Celestiq EV is said to get its hand-built crafting at the GM tech center in Warren, Michigan, hopefully not too far after its show car debut on July 22, 2022.

cadillac celestiq rear

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the Cadillac Celestiq EV as General Motors is remaining mostly coy about any specifications or fine details. However, in knowing how long we’ve yearned for a return of Cadillac greatness, we could very well witness history in the brand redefining themselves to be somewhat like the Cadillac of old that rules the roads with large proportioned American opulence above all others.

cadillac celestiq front

We’ll be sure to bring you additional details of the Celestiq EV as they come with the official reveal of the show car later this month.


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