Eye-Popping Green Cadillac Celestiq Build Spotted

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During the recent holiday season, a unique spectacle unfolded as an attention-grabbing sight graced the Woodward Ave.—a vibrant, eye-popping green Cadillac Celestiq emerged from a parking lot, captivating onlookers as it gracefully cruised down the road.

The distinct hue of this Celestiq has sparked curiosity, reminiscent of Porsche’s iconic Python Green or perhaps the Verde Mantis shade found on new Lamborghini models. Despite the low-resolution quality of the image, it seems likely that a passerby shared the photo with Pasteiner’s Auto Zone Hobbies, prompting its posting on the store’s Facebook page. Notably, the rest of the store’s photo collection boasts crystal-clear images, adding to the intrigue surrounding this particular sighting.

Beyond the striking color, two prominent thoughts arise when beholding this electric Cadillac. Firstly, an aura of super luxury emanates from the vehicle, aligning it with the bespoke builds of Rolls-Royce or the high-performance aesthetic of a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. Secondly, the conspicuous color choice suggests that at least one early adopter of the Celestiq embraced the notion of individuality, embodying the spirit of a totally-custom European six-figure-luxury vehicle.

Whether or not this Celestiq is a customer’s personal vehicle, it is clear that the individual who acquired it brought a unique and bold “electrified” energy  to the segment of luxury sedans. While Cadillac’s official stance on such eye-catching customization remains unknown, one can be certain that wherever this sedan ventures, it will command a lot of attention. Whether parked at the prestigious St. Regis Bal Harbour or the idyllic surroundings of The Ranch at Laguna Beach, this Celestiq seems destined to find a place among the elite, standing out as a symbol of opulence and individual expression.


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