Cadillac Could Keep Selling Gas-Powered Vehicles Through 2030 EV-Only Target

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Cadillac has set a target of transitioning to a fully electric vehicle lineup by the end of the decade, but recent statements from the brand’s leadership suggest that gasoline-powered vehicles may continue to be part of the lineup beyond 2030. While the brand initially aimed to go all-electric by 2030, Cadillac’s current vice president, John Roth, indicated that electric and gasoline powertrains could coexist for a number of years. Roth emphasized that the brand is committed to offering an all-electric portfolio by the end of the decade, but the pace of transition away from gasoline engines may be slower than initially anticipated.

The brand has already introduced electric vehicles like the Lyriq midsize crossover and the Celestiq ultraluxury sedan, with plans to expand its electric lineup further, including an electric version of the Escalade full-size SUV. Additionally, Cadillac has confirmed the development of three new EV nameplates. Despite these electric initiatives, Cadillac acknowledges the need to consider market readiness and consumer preferences during the transition period.

Cadillac’s previous chief, Rory Harvey, had stated the intention for every new or redesigned Cadillac nameplate in North America to be electric, with the brand aiming to exit the decade as an EV-only brand. However, the brand has since emphasized the importance of market readiness and consumer demand in determining the pace of the transition.

To support its electric vehicle strategy, Cadillac has offered buyouts to some U.S. dealers who were reluctant to invest in the infrastructure required to sell EVs. Despite this, the brand remains committed to providing consumers with a range of choices in its vehicle portfolio, viewing it as a competitive advantage.

Cadillac’s plans for transitioning to electric vehicles by 2030 may be subject to adjustments based on market conditions and consumer preferences, with the possibility of gasoline-powered vehicles continuing to be part of the lineup beyond the target date.


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