The 2025 Cadillac Optiq is Now Official as a 300-Mile Compact Luxury EV Crossover

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Cadillac has officially unveiled the 2025 Optiq, a compact luxury EV crossover designed to follow in the footsteps of the Lyriq. This new model, powered by GM’s Ultium technology, is comparable in size to the Equinox EV and utilizes the same 85.0-kilowatt-hour battery pack as its Chevy counterpart. However, the Optiq distinguishes itself with numerous enhancements.

The Optiq features standard all-wheel drive and the Super Cruise driver assist system, delivering 300 horsepower and offering a 300-mile range—both improvements over the Equinox EV’s 288 horsepower and 285-mile range. Charging capabilities are on par, with both models supporting 150-kilowatt DC fast charging. Torque figures are close as well, with the Optiq at 354 pound-feet compared to the Equinox’s 333 pound-feet.

Aesthetically, the Optiq departs significantly from its Chevrolet sibling, mirroring the design language of the larger Lyriq but in a more compact form. The front sports Cadillac’s distinctive vertical lighting, while the rear echoes the design of the Escalade IQ, including unique geometric ornamentation on the rear quarter glass.

Inside, the Optiq’s interior surpasses even the Lyriq in terms of luxury. It boasts surfaces upholstered with 100 percent recycled yarn and wood accents made from a mix of recycled newspaper and tulip wood. The design elements are well-coordinated, highlighted by a large 33.0-inch diagonal display that integrates seamlessly into the cabin’s aesthetics.

The Optiq comes well-equipped with several standard features. It is Cadillac’s first vehicle to include Super Cruise as standard, enhancing its appeal to potential buyers. All-wheel drive is the only available drivetrain, offering a significant advantage over the Equinox EV. Additionally, the Optiq features a premium 19-speaker sound system, an upgrade from the Lyriq’s standard seven-speaker system.

Cadillac has priced the Optiq competitively, with an estimated starting price of $54,000. Production is set to commence this fall, with the electric crossover expected to arrive at dealerships shortly thereafter, promising a compelling option in the luxury EV market.


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