Stellantis Incorporating Flexibility of Putting Gas Engines Back into Future Electric Vehicle Platforms

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Stellantis is on track to achieve an all-electric passenger-vehicle lineup in Europe by 2030, with a 50 percent target in the United States under its Dare Forward 2030 initiative. Despite this commitment to electric vehicles (EVs), the company remains receptive to producing combustion-powered cars if consumer demand dictates. This adaptable approach was underscored by Stellantis Chief Financial Officer Natalie Knight, as reported by WardsAuto, stressing the importance of aligning with consumer preferences.

The company’s strategy includes the development of versatile STLA platforms capable of accommodating both electric and combustion powertrains, providing a strategic advantage amid the industry’s shift towards electrification.

However, questions linger regarding the potential misalignment between consumer demand and corporate objectives. What if, by 2030, a significant majority of US buyers still favor combustion vehicles? Would this challenge Stellantis’ 50 percent electric target? While uncertainties persist, Stellantis has reaffirmed its commitment to the 2030 plan, maintaining the 50 percent electric target in the US and a complete transition to electric in Europe.

Despite robust EV sales in Europe, the US market presents a different landscape, with varying levels of acceptance towards electric models. As 2030 approaches rapidly, achieving a 50 percent electric lineup in the US could prove daunting without substantial shifts in consumer preferences or market dynamics, as noted in the report by WardsAuto.

Source: WardsAuto


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