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Honda Joining Toyota and Others to Develop Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines

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hydrogen internal combustion engine

Japanese automotive and motorcycle makers, Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Yamaha are joining forces to develop hydrogen internal combustion engines for small vehicles, motorcycles, boats, construction equipment, and drones.

This collaborative effort, known as HySE (Hydrogen Small Mobility and Engine Technology), aims to promote the use of hydrogen combustion as a pathway to carbon neutrality.

While Toyota has been a vocal advocate for hydrogen-burning engines, Honda had previously expressed doubts about their feasibility for cars. However, Honda is now changing its stance and joining the initiative.

The partnership seeks to set design standards for low-mobility, water-powered propulsion systems and leverage their collective expertise to address the challenges associated with hydrogen combustion, such as unstable combustion and limited fuel storage capacity.

The proposed powertrains would burn hydrogen instead of gasoline, offering the potential advantage of nearly zero carbon dioxide emissions.

The companies believe that research and development in this area are gaining momentum, positioning hydrogen-powered mobility as the next-generation energy source. Furthermore, such development could mean a different approach to new ways of primary power sources for propelling future automobiles.

*We will be sure to keep you updated on these developments as we still believe their may be a future for hydrogen in the long term versus full electrification, or battery electric vehicles.

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