Tesla Reveals More Cybertruck Information Including 6+ Foot Bed & Testing Photos

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During a Q2 2023 Earnings Call, Tesla disclosed that it is currently constructing release candidate Cybertruck units at its Texas Gigafactory. These units are undergoing extensive testing worldwide to achieve final certification and validation. The company had recently posted an image of a completed Cybertruck on its official Twitter account, raising speculation about the beginning of low-scale production after encountering a two-year delay.

Contrary to those assumptions, the Texas factory is presently in the pre-production phase. Tesla clarified that initial production is still on schedule to commence later in the year. Additionally, the company is making strides in developing its next-generation platform, which is expected to serve as the foundation for a more affordable model that has yet to be unveiled.

Recent images have emerged, showcasing the electric pickup truck at various testing stages and on the assembly line in Texas. One notable observation from the mud pit photo is the limited coverage provided by the single wiper for the front passenger, which some may question as far as its effectiveness during prolonged rainy road trips.

Tesla boasts that the highly-anticipated Cybertruck will be the first sub-19 feet truck with four doors and a bed longer than 6 feet. While specific dimensions were not disclosed, it is evident that the Cybertruck outperforms both the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Rivian R1T in terms of bed length. Ford’s Lightning measures 5.5 ft long, while the R1T’s bed is 4.5 ft long.

During the same event, Tesla expressed confidence in the uniqueness of the Cybertruck, calling it a groundbreaking vehicle that combines cutting-edge technologies and innovative design. As a result, extensive testing of the vehicle is taking place around the world, as the company pushes the boundaries of vehicle engineering and manufacturing.

Overall, Tesla’s latest updates reveal that the Cybertruck is still progressing towards production and promises to offer a distinctive and technologically advanced pickup truck option with an impressively spacious bed, setting it apart from other electric truck competitors.


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