Why is a Tesla Cybertruck Rolling Around with a Ford F-150 Wrap on It?

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The internet has been abuzz with fascination over a peculiar sight: a Tesla Cybertruck adorned with a Ford F-150 vinyl wrap. The photos of this unusual crossover have quickly spread online, leaving many to wonder about the motives behind such a display.

While it may seem surprising for Tesla, a company known for its occasional playful trolling, to be seen sporting a competitor’s wrap, this particular move takes it to a whole new level. Some speculate that this could be a response to Ford’s previous taunts aimed at Tesla, particularly when Ford highlighted the F-150 Lightning’s bi-directional charging capability, seemingly taking a jab at Tesla’s technology. Others believe it is someone not associated with Tesla.

Some initial pictures were taken within a Tesla facility, and one of them provided a less than flattering view of the “frunk” (front trunk), which appears smaller on the Cybertruck compared to the Ford F-150 Lightning. This difference is primarily due to the Cybertruck’s unique design with its short nose. Other images, such as the Tweeted photo from Greggertruck, shows the wrapped Cybertruck in the wild potentially ready to make its rounds to poke fun.

While the disguised Cybertruck may look peculiar on the road, it’s doubtful that Tesla intended to deceive anyone with this stunt.

This playful trolling comes in the wake of Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley, publicly criticizing the Cybertruck for not being a genuine work truck. Farley made remarks on CNBC, likening the Cybertruck to a “cool high-end product” rather than a practical work truck, emphasizing Ford’s commitment to producing trucks for everyday work needs with their body-on-frame setup.

It is true that traditional body-on-frame trucks typically outperform unibody trucks like the Cybertruck when it comes to heavy-duty work tasks such as towing and payload capacity. However, it’s essential to note that the Tesla Cybertruck is not an ordinary unibody pickup. Its structural skin is crafted from cold-rolled stainless steel, an exceptionally robust material that gives it impressive strength and durability.

Tesla’s penchant for playful trolling and the timing of this display following Ford’s comments about the Cybertruck add to the intrigue. While the disguise might not fool anyone, it serves as a lighthearted reminder of the competitive spirit between these two automotive giants.


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