Fisker Ronin Debuts as $385K Electric Convertible Supercar

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Fisker officially unleashed the Ronin, a high-performance electric convertible supercar priced at $385,000. Set to become the flagship model of the brand in the coming years, the Ronin is currently in the development phase, but Fisker has shared preliminary specifications to provide enthusiasts with a glimpse of what’s to come.

The Ronin boasts a striking appearance, captured in new images that showcase its sleek design. Its profile features a low-slung convertible body with two full-size front doors, complemented by a set of smaller rear doors. The car’s distinctive wheel arches draw parallels to the classic Karma model. Notably, the front doors open in an elegant butterfly style reminiscent of modern McLaren models, while the rear doors are rear-hinged to facilitate easy access to the back seats. Interestingly, the Ronin’s design elements in certain angles give it an appearance more akin to a sedan rather than a traditional convertible. Fisker has confirmed that the car will feature a power-operated hard top as standard equipment.

Inside, the Ronin is described as a “sizeable vehicle” capable of accommodating up to five passengers, with a focus on providing ample cargo space. The driver’s cockpit showcases a futuristic steering wheel with an integrated instrument cluster. The digital dashboard follows a design language similar to the Hyperscreen found in select Mercedes-Benz models, while an expansive 17.1-inch infotainment display adds to the tech-savvy interior.

Under the hood, the Ronin’s powertrain details remain somewhat elusive due to its ongoing development. Fisker cautions that the provided specifications might evolve, given the work-in-progress nature of the vehicle. Presently, the company aims to equip the Ronin with an electric powertrain delivering over 1,000 horsepower and an estimated 600 miles of driving range. The battery pack is ingeniously integrated into the aluminum space-frame chassis, and lightweight composite components, including carbon fiber wheels, are employed to counterbalance the drivetrain’s weight. Should all go according to plan, the Ronin is projected to achieve a 0 to 60 mph sprint in a mere 2 seconds and continue accelerating up to a top speed of 170 mph.

Fisker’s intentions for the Ronin are exclusive, as the company plans to handcraft only 999 units of this remarkable supercar. Yet, details about the production location are yet to be disclosed. The anticipated delivery timeline aims for the second half of 2025; however, given Fisker’s track record, this timeline is met with cautious optimism. The initial plan aimed at a 2024 release, but the brand’s history of deadlines suggests a flexible perspective on these timeframes.


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