Report: Toyota Contemplates PHEV, Fuel Cell, or Full Electric for Land Cruiser

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The Land Cruiser holds an iconic status for Toyota, recognized more widely than the brand itself in certain regions. The recent reintroduction of the new Land Cruiser has injected some excitement in the automotive world as the new Toyota SUV touts a down-market approach from its successor that we had here in the United States. However, the approach that we’ve witnessed so far could very well get more powertrain options in the future where the new Land Cruiser could be powered by a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) setup , fuel cell, or go fully electric.

Global sales of all Land Cruiser versions, including the 300 series, 200 series, and classic 70 series, saw a 5.7 percent rise, reaching 271,018 vehicles last year. Yet, maintaining its presence necessitates adapting to evolving global emissions regulations, prompting Toyota to adopt a “multi-pathway” strategy for emission reduction based on regional market conditions.

Reported by AutoNews, Chief Engineer Moritsu is said to be exploring ways to modify the Land Cruiser’s original platform to accommodate advanced drivetrains. Options include fuel cell systems, offering long-range driving and towing benefits but requiring considerable space for tanks and limited refueling infrastructure. Alternatively, PHEVs tap into existing gasoline networks, though they emit carbon. An all-electric Land Cruiser is also considered, contingent on advancements in battery technology.

Adapting the existing TNGA-F platform is essential for incorporating environmental components. Toyota’s design head, Simon Humphries, highlights exterior adjustments that enhance aerodynamics while preserving the Land Cruiser’s rugged look. The automaker remains open to multiple drivetrain options, prioritizing adaptability to diverse global mobility needs, and in the near future we could see some of those ‘options’ become a reality for the new Land Cruiser.

Source: AutoNews (subscription required)


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